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02-25-2010, 07:39 AM
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Originally Posted by jonas2244 View Post
Nino Niederreiter and Roman Josi (already planned for Vancouver, but got injured at the WJC in late December) should not only be looked for the Swiss team at Sotchi but also have the potential to be great NHL-players.

Thanks Ralph and Köbi Kölliker. 13 great years for the Swiss hockey, let's hope Sean Simpson can continue like that.
We could also add Alain Berger ... who got hurt in the prparation game before the JWC ... and is still injured. I do have a very good feeling for him. He could be a power forward. Size, strength and sens of scoring. Actually Josy, Berger and Niederreiter could be a very serious line.

Originally Posted by stv11 View Post
And so ends the 13 years Krueger era, will feel strange to see someone else behind the bench.

I'm really looking forward to see what Sean Simpson will do, but it's going to be hard to match Krueger's achievements. Too bad most people don't know enough about hockey to realize this.
Krueger has been great for the swiss hockey and the swiss team. no doubt. he gave a form and a game to a team ... to make us number8 with a solid defensive system. This is not trivial. He made tough and controversial choices ... . It is part of his job and i am not good enough to judge. He certainly made mistakes (who doesn't ?)
To me he was outstanding and had results.

Therefore i was scared our team would be witouth Dad Ralph ! wondering or scared we would go down to our former level. (which was awfull)

The fantastic thing about these olympic games was that i discovered that our team was able to play aggressively, Not only hide behind a structured and well disciplined trap. The level has seriously increased.

base case and problem:
Then, when watching the yesterday's game ... Switzerland - USA ... We saw the swiss team playing the trap ... like 17shots to 4 in favor of the US each period and a good (and lucky) Hiller. Comes the 3rd period ... immediately US scores ...
and then ... Our guys start playing !
And they play well. they almost match the USA !

Something i learned from my sport is that when you change something during the game, it changes the mindset of the opponent. Once i had a fight with a guy who was brilliant ... he gave me kicks, punches, knees ... i always drew back by some centimeters ... so he never touched me seriously ... but on the ring he was absolutely dominant. at the end of the 2nd round i gave him 1 kick with power, he protected his face ... received the kick in the forearms and had paine. he was scared. The fight was different after ... he lost his boldness ... his grinta and arrogance went away and ... he lost by KO !

So the game vs the USA took another turn after the Swiss started becoming offensive. seriously matching the US !! If only they could have played like this the 3 periods. (maybe they were tired therefore they thought at playing the hard core trap).

Whatever, not to judge yesterday's tactical choices ... it gave me confidence that our team was good enough to play internationaly without trap and that our guys have a level that is serious.

Therefore i even feel that it is time to change coach. That all is perfect since Krueger wants to go. I view it as a separation for the best of both parties.
and welcome Simpson as a new coach.

You need a certain type of coach to make a weak team ... an average team ... maybe you need another coach to make an average team a good team.

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