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02-25-2010, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
I was interested in this part of your comment, I would like a skate with the pump solely for the slight irritation of having to retighten my skate once I get the boot warm from playing. Every game is the same thing, take a couple of shifts and then my skates feel the need to be tightened ONLY on the ankle after i get warmed up.

I think this pump thing would serve me well and since you are a big guy like I am can read that you say the pump holds up well even after overdoing it.

I've heard good things in here about the RBK line and may try them if I see a good deal on some. I have two pair of bauer skates now and am the type who likes to have extra gear.
Yeah it's minor, but it can be used that way. I tighten them up pretty well, put about a half dozen pumps into each one, then after a couple laps can add a bit more if things losen up a bit.

The pump is in the upper ankle however, and won't solve everything. I do have to re-tie occasionally, especially if I was too lose on the lower part of f the ankle. I seem to do tight toes, relatively lose instep, tight heel, tight upper, sometimes I don't get enough in the heel and still have to re-tighten. But it also has come in handy for those times when I've over tightened, and over inflated, just a quick press on the release letting a tiny bit of air out and blood makes it back to the foot

I'm still a bit hesitant on "Recommending" any equipment since I'm still new to the sport, playing in a D league, and not putting them through all the same rigors most other people on these boards would, and don't have a long history of other skates to compare them to. But they've done right by me.

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