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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
I think Quick had conclusively established himself as his team's #1 NHL starter, however, when he signed the extension. I'm not sure that Halak has quite done that yet. Still. So the games played is somewhat misleading... over the same time period from last year to signing the extension, Quick had played more games than Halak. And that's with a number of Halak's games coming while he was ostensibly a pure backup goalie filling in for an injured Price.

I think the biggest comparison advantage is Quick's RFA status vs. the impending UFA status of others like Rinne. It's a huge difference. No comparable is exact. But Quick is much closer to Halak than Rinne is to Halak IMHO.

That said, I also think the Kings have a bargain with that deal. And you can't expect to get a bargain just because another team did. Especially in that the Kings got him at that price for 3 years. But heading into arbitration, I'd certainly come armed with the Quick deal on the Habs side. Technically, Rinne is not even a valid comparable at all, since he was an impending UFA. What other impending-RFAs signed starter-level deals recently?

Again, no comparable is going to be perfect. But in terms of building a case, I still can't see Halak getting much more than $2M. He can ask for whatever he wants. He won't get it, though. Unless our management is asleep at the switch.
True, its hard to find a completely accurate comparison. Though no doubt Mr. Walsh will try!

How about Pascal Leclair? Leclair, at the age of 25 (2007-08), resigned with the Columbus Bluejackets for three years, with a cap hit of $3.8 million. He too, was a restricted free agent at the time. To compare Halak and Leclair at the same point in their careers:

Games played:

Leclair: 113
Halak: 86 (and counting)

Career Save Percentage

Leclair: .910
Halak: .917

Save Percentage in RFA Contract Year

Leclair: .919
Halak: .923

Career Goals Against Average

Leclair: 2.99
Halak: 2.72

Goals Against Average in RFA Contract Year

Leclair: 2.25
Halak: 2.56

Shutouts in RFA Contract Year

Leclair: 9
Halak: 3

Now it’s really only in that last category that Leclair blows away Halak. For every other category Halak is right there with the $3.8 million Leclair…

Now I’m not saying that he will get $3.8 million… but he’s got a pretty good statistical argument given some comparables out there…

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