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09-26-2003, 08:59 AM
True Blue
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My take

First and foremost, any enthusiasm has to be tempered as this was only a preseason game and against a Triple A team at best. However, there were some good indications and one major bad one. First the bad,

1. WAY too many penalties. Simon is going to be a minor penalty taking machine this year. Some of them, I admit I do not mind. I think that the Eric's first penalty is the type that is ok every now and then. It was the one when he racked the other players face with his stick. It was a "mean" penalty and I don't mind those every now and then. Especially out of Lindros. If you want to be a big, mean team, then you are going to take mean penaties every now and then. Some of the others had to go. Bobo slashing right in front of the ref when the team is already down 2 players was outright moronic. Keep taking that many penalties a night and we are once again going to lead the league in goals allowed.
2. Dunahm played well. BUT, he has got to get a better grip on some of those rebounds.

The good:

1. Good to see Lindros playing a big, mean game. It really does look like he was on a mission.
2. Liked 2 things about the PP. I loved Kovie on the point and I loved BIG Holik in front of the net.
3. I admit I was agaist Rosie, but he DOES look like he has chemistry w/ Lindros. Unexplainable. IF he had not missed the net so much, he would have had 5 goals.
4. Ditto for Hlavac. I liked Jannae but thought him done after the stints in Vancouver & Carolina. But he DOES seem to have chemistry w/ Nedved. Unexplainable. IF his aim was better, he'd have himself a hat trick.
5. LOVED to see DeVo stick up for Poti. It's plays like that that will have him being cheered for.
6. Again, I know that it was against a minor league team, but the whole concpet of a team defense did not look bad.
7. Lundmark looks like a natural fit w/ Holik.

Again, it was only preseason and a B team at best, but there were positive indicators here.

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