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09-26-2003, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by copper_blue
If Comrie does sign, we as Oilers fans should accept him back. Comrie is a keeper. We can not treat him like we treated Poti or Arnott. I believe that he has recieved too much unwarranted criticism (yes, I know he has some faults), this kid is 22/23 years old. Without his injury Comrie would have had 30 goals. Not bad, two 30 goal seasons in his first two full seasons in the NHL, name the last Oiler who did this? Or even name the last Oiler who got 30 goals in two consecutive seasons?

What I am trying to say is, if he comes back and plays well and then later goes into a slump, lets not execute the guy. Every player slumps. Nobody whined when York scored one goal in his first 16 games last season.


ps. But if he does want out of town, then I hope Lowe can get equal value in return.
That depends on alot of things don't you think?

Please don't think that if Comrie gets his money and comes back to Skyreach and starts off real badly that we should all sit there with our mouths shut waiting until Christmas to turn it around.

It depends on a few things. Whether he shines or whether he stinks the joint out. If he signs a huge contract plays and stinks.......I'm all over him naturally. If he signs a contract and has a career year there's nothing to complain about....unless he's -25. If a sign a "reasonable" contract and continues to suck defensively and play selfish.....I'm all over him.

Poti held for money after coming off a crap season........only to continue to build the temple of crap after he got his money. What's to cheer about?

If Arnott would have taken a half hour course on PR things likely wouldn't have gotten bad as they did. Oiler fans are being dupped by some guy named Micheal Largue claiming to be the next owner of the Oilers.........and Jason Arnott decides to pose on the hood of his new Viper for the cover of the Sun after his raise.

If Comrie gets his big money (ya right) comes to Edmonton and doesn't produce quickly he'll be booed to death.

But in all fairness..........he brought this $hit on himself. You can't command the big money if you can't take all the pressure that comes with it. You're accountable. From the word go.

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