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02-26-2010, 04:06 AM
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Composite Shaft/Blade Recommendations

i've been searching for a new stick, and im thinking about going for a 2-piece (cheaper over the long run...hopefully).

anyways, i have limited experience with composite sticks (have just used an easton ST, some cheap POS easton, and a reebok 5k (being the only 2-piece out of the three)), so im not sure what sticks are known for being durable, good performance for money, etc.

as for blades, ive only used an easton se16 iginla (which i like).

im looking at a few shafts, but wanted to get other's input. im hoping to spend under $100 on a shaft (hockeymonkey has a lot of shafts under $100 right now), and around $50(ish) on a blade. im around 200lbs, and im pretty hard on my sticks, so i try to buy more durable sticks, so im interested in a shaft and blade that is durable, yet still provides good performance.

so what are some shafts and blades that you guys would suggest?

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