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02-26-2010, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
The young prospects we have look to be solid players in the future, or so we hope, but I think we keep Suter and Weber and fill out the rest of the D with cheaper options for the 3-6 slots. Ultimately, if Ellis, Roussel, Josi and Blum pan out, that's not a bad 3-6. Blum will be here sooner than later but Ellis, Roussel and Josi won't for another 2-3 years minimum so I think we may see a lot of turnover for the bottom four as opposed to trying to fill out the roster with Suter or Weber being traded.

Honestly I have no idea Poile will do long term but I will have a hard time re-upping as a season ticket holder if Suter and/or Weber get traded or lost via free agency. I know it's about the logo on the front of the jersey we're all supposed to care about but when you have elite players, you want to see them stay here as opposed to playing for someone else. That's just me thought and I won't worry about it until it happens and maybe it never comes to that.
Our tendency to continue drafting defensemen, and I said this after the draft last summer, really worries me that Poile is planning for the day when we have to jettison Weber\Suter. From what I've been told by my "inside" person, Timonen's money demands were never something Nashville was willing to pay, and his exit had nothing to do with the Leipold fiasco--it was going to happen no matter what. My worst fear is when that day comes for Suter and\or Weber. At that point, we cease being a real franchise, and become nothing but a glorified farm team for the big market teams.


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