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02-26-2010, 10:09 AM
Em Ancien
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So I did some number crunching...

I had some free time and decided to check out how our cap situation looks for next year. Here's what our current NHL players under contract are :

Forwards :
Gomez, Gionta, Cammalleri, AK, Moen, (Laraque buyout)

Combines for 23 607 142M$ in cap hit

Defensemen :
Markov, Hamrlik, Spacek, Gill, Gorges, O'Byrne

Combines for 19 374 999M$ in cap hit

Goalies :
None under contract

Bottom line :
42 982 141M$ is committed to our 2010-2011 situation with 6 forwards, 6 defensemen and no goalies under contract.
If the cap remains the same (56.8M$), we have 13 817 859M$ to get 6 forwards and 2 goalies under contract.

So let's get our RFAs signed to their cheapest (i.e. qualified)

Sergei K (606 832$), Big Ben (883 575$), Max Lapierre (756 250$), Matt D'Agostini (550 000$), Carey Price (935 000$), Jaroslav Halak (852 500$)

The new cap situation :
Forwards (26 403 799M$), Dmen (unchanged), Goalies (1 787 500M$) = 47 566 298M$

Assuming (and it's not happening) this scenario to be true, we have 10M$ in cap space to sign our number 1 center and a bottom 2 center.

In all realism, our goalies should be signed somewhere from 4M$ to 6M$ as a group (-2M$ to 4M$ in cap space), Sergeď and Big Ben should get around 1 to 1.5M$ each (-1M$ to 1.5M$ in cap space) and Lapierre should be getting around 800 000-900 000$ (barely any difference).

So it's more like we have between 4.5M$ to 6M$ to get 2 centers under contract. And this team will barely have improved and basically have no cap room for call-ups.

This is where I'd like to point out that the options of trading Markov, Plekanec and one of the goalies might be the best course of action. Obviously Plekanec is a more urgent situation. But as is, if we wish to improve this team, we'd need to get young players on their ELCs or cheap contracts (i.e. guys that are bargains) so we can slowly lose the bigger contracts (Gill and Hammer next summer, Spacek and Moen the year after) while have players growing into important roles.

Thoughts on the situation?

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