Thread: Salary Cap: So I did some number crunching...
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02-26-2010, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by earl the habs fan View Post
I think the situation is in fact worse. You show 11 players under contract, even qualifying the 6 brings you to 17 players. That leaves 6 positions to be filled for a pittance. Yikes.
The weird thing about this, though, is that the Habs have the same 11 players under contract for the same money this year and lo and behold, they managed to ice a full roster. So it's doable.

I'm not TOO worried about the salary cap. The case of a GM that has been completely screwed by the cap is the exception rather than the rule so far. They've done some things they wish they didn't have to do, sure, but I don't think any GM has had to genuinely wreck his team yet.

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