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02-26-2010, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Ze Agitator View Post
Prospal earned more or less 22 millions in his NHL career (28 if you count the buyout), it's not like he was living day to day with no roof above his head. He'll likely play one year in the NHL before going back to Czech Republic or retire. Come on, there won't be "millionS" on the table between our hypothetical offer in case we try to bring him back and the highest in the league. But yeah, no one will blame him to take the biggest offer on the table.
After taxes that's what - $14-17MM, depending on his tax planning (assuming that he didn't blow some of it early on a la MDZ buying a Bentley with his first contract)? And that's got to last him, his wife, his kids, maybe his parents?, etc. until he's 85? He's making this decision in the aftermath of the biggest wealth destroying event since the great depression? Also, I'm not sure what your hypothetical offer was, but some of the ones I've seen begin with a 1 - when his performance would easily garner him an offer beginning with a 3 - which is indeed a 66-75% discount. Sorry, it ain't happening.

And you're right - no one will (or should) blame him for it.

Here's an idea - if you're going to espouse Vinny taking a significant discount out of gratitude/love of the Rangers/because TB is paying him a buyout, disclose if you're over 35 and if you have kids. I'm willing to bet that something like 98% of those who think he'll sign here for a significant discount (say anything more than 5% below the best offer) are going to fall in the under 35, don't have kids camp...

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