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02-26-2010, 11:59 AM
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Unless you're 6'6, I would stay away from a 110 flex shaft.

My favorite so far has been the Dolomite shaft with the Dolomite HD blade. It had the best kick of any stick I've used so far and the blade had very good feel. The shafts have always been VERY durable for me and the older Dolomite blades (non-HD) were tanks, but the newer ones have been reported to fall apart kind of quickly.

I've also heard great things about the One95 shaft-blade combo. It is standard taper so usually guys who take more slapshots than wrist shots like it, but the puck feel is the best.

Easton I wasn't impressed with. Their standard shafts seem very stiff (75 flex Z-Bubble felt like 90+ and 70 flex Cyclone felt like 100+). Their tapered shafts don't have a very good kick to them, even though they're pretty whippy. And the blades have good feel but cracked at the heel after only a few uses.

I just ordered a Harrow shaft-blade combo, I'll see how I like that. I've used their blades in the past and they had pretty good puck feel but excellent stiffness and durability. I'm curious to see how the shaft feels and kicks with the vibration dampers inside.

My buddy has one, but he's a righty and I'm a lefty, so the only thing I knew was that I could rip REALLY hard backhanders that hit the crossbar from the blueline Made me almost want to try a straight blade my backhander was so good with a Modano clone the wrong way!

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