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01-27-2005, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by trentmccleary
I'm a Sens fan and our comparable right now would probably be Vermette, who is so far down the list of players we need to score at the NHL level... that we could afford slow development (if things turn out that way).
1. as good as things have gone for the Flames lately, I think we are all pretty realistic. we aren't blessed with the depth on offence you guys are

2. having said that, in terms of goal production (which I believe is what we are discussing now, I could be wrong) kobasew is outscoring Vermette nearly 2:1 in the same league, at the same age. I'm not sure who Vermette is playing with so that may be an issue (edit having re-read the thread I guess the intial point was about Kobasews goal production, but now its moreso viability as a 2nd line player, in which case the comparison to Vermette might be apt)

3. In short I think both you and FDW are right with respect to Kobasew. Kobasew has shown he's a scorer at every level, save the NHL. last spring proved he can do the 'little things' that will make him a 'keeper' in the NHL as long as he scores. BUT he still has to show he can score at this level. If you ask me the Flames greatest vulnerability at this point I would still have to say the pencilling in of Kobasew as the 'best' (but not only) option at 2nd line RW...having said that, the Flames have fewer gaps elsewhere than in previous years, so if this is our only MAJOR problem, then I feel ok, but it is potentially solvable. I will concede than in a perfect world I would be happiest if the Flames had another 20 goal man (who could also do the things required to keep him employed under Darryl Sutter)

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