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02-26-2010, 04:56 PM
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I agree with you on Krueger ... !

I also agree on the level of our hockey on a bottom up approach.

Yet you seem to say that we have no hope to break any of the top 7 teams. And we shouldn't be ashamed to loose from times to times to Letonia, Belarus and Germany.

While i agree on the 2nd part ... loosing to Letonia, Belarus or Germany (+Norway and + Deanemark soon) isn't a shame ... .
You explain that Sweden has a tremendous depth ... sure they do. Finland as well or ... they dwarf us ... Yes. (not even talking Canada, Russia or USA)

But on a top down approach, you have to admit that we are playing better and better. Look at these Olympics ... look how USA & Canada are handling the other teams (trashing them !) ! they struggled vs us (Krueger ok but not only !) ! In the world junior championship ... Krueger watched ... . our kids did great (it was an upset ok but they played very well). Your logic is decent about the depth ... but you also have to admit that more and more quality players are coming out of our system. We will be more and more a challenge for other big nations. Krueger is an element .. but their is not only him. The players are simply better as well.

Its a bit like football, our kids did great in Nigeria, yet not in a dream we have half of the depth of Brazil, Italy, France, Germany or Nigeria.

Not only the number of kids playing in a pond foreshadow quality players output for a country. We have a great LNA with a good system to take care of talents.
In this sense you are though with Swiss hockey.

Whatever ... we will se where we go with Sean Simpson.

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