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02-26-2010, 06:00 PM
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Originally Posted by MTLPacman67 View Post
You still haven't fixed the problem.

Unless you're willing to let go Markov and Hamrlik for cap space, only letting go Hamrlik in that summer will only give you sufficient cap space to re-up AK, Pyatt, Kostitsyn (your cap hit is wrong, since it's this year's and he needs to be qualified at least), Pouliot (same thing as SK), Gorges, O'Byrne and Weber. And even then, we might need more cap space.
AK has 1 year left to his contract no? The team can wait and cross that bridge later.

Hmm I used the capgeek number as is yes. Might need to clear more indeed and this is where I'd sacrifice one goalie for picks, instead of just dumping Hamrlik, Markov or Plek who are cornerstones.

Originally Posted by MTLPacman67 View Post
Now, even if you fill the holes with youngsters, if they bomb, you have NOTHING to replace them with. You can't add a player via trade because you've got no cap space.

The point of my last paragraph (in the OP) is that we should give up Markov, Plekanec and one of our tenders for a return which should look like a young top 4 D, one or 2 young forwards and a plethora of picks.

It really sucks to have to get rid of such players, but that's the only way to work around the heavy contracts while not consistently losing youngsters because we can't re-up them or have to depend on players that might just not be able to play at a high enough level as it is to keep us contending.
Trading for young Ds or forwards is just the same as promoting our own. What if they bomb? I mean the farm is stocked every year with players that can fill in. If we promote some of them, which happens every year, someone has to take their place from within. Otherwise that's pretty big vote of non-confidence right here towards our recruiting system.

So to sum it up I'd rather do some complex salary cap gymnastics to make everyone fit while trading players we can replace from within than solving the issue easily by trading a cornerstone. If that's more than Spacek, Gill & Moen, then so be it. Who else can be replaced without signing a free agent or trading?

Anyways I need to thinker that roster

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