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02-26-2010, 11:31 PM
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BTN, while Poile's record of drafting offensively gifted forwards is not that great, he has a history of acquiring forwards via trades and free agency to help negate one of his weaknesses. I'm sure the Caps fans don't chime in about trading away Bobby Carpenter for Mike Ridley and Kelly Miller. Both those guys were cornerstones of the Caps for 10 years while Carpenter never amounted to anything in his career. Poile has signed Arnott, Dumont and Kariya as free agent forwards. He traded for Sullivan for two second round picks. He signed Goc as a free agent this offseason and re-signed him for another. He's picked guys like Erat, Tootoo and Hornqvist in the later rounds of the draft. His picks of Legwand, Hartnell and Upshall may not have amounted to the offense we had hoped but Legwand is a solid NHL player and Hartnell and Upshall have had decent NHL careers to this point. He took a guy named Radulov who might have been his crown jewel until he bolted back to Russia. He picked Budish in this years draft in the second round and if the kid hadn't blown out his knee, he's a top 10 pick.

I don't know what people expect from Poile in the draft on a yearly basis but to get 1-2 players a year from each draft is doing your job well as a GM. I think Poile has done just that. You don't build the farm up in one draft or two for that matter. It's done over years and years of work.

How many guys on this team are from drafts? 5 of 6 on the blue line are from the draft and 6 of 7 if you include Sulzer. 4 of them were from the class of 2003. Rinne was a late round pick. Up front we have Legwand, Erat, Tootoo, Hornqvist, O'Reilly, Wilson, Santorelli, Thuresson and Spaling who have all played for the Preds this season. So all in all, you could say at least half this roster is from his drafts. How is that so bad?

We can blame Poile for not drafting more exciting offensive players. We can blame Trotz for not developing their offensive skills more. We can blame the owners for not having enough money to go out and buy dynamic players in free agency. I think with the budget we have, the patience that Poile has shown and the system that Trotz likes to use, I think we've done pretty well as a team. Would I like to see us be better, sure. Will it happen over night, not a chance. We haven't been lucky as a franchise to land a top 5 pick except for the first year we drafted and we picked the right player at the time in Legwand whether or not we want to believe it.

A lot of people complained about us taking Suter at the time. Poile made the right decision then too. He also picked up a guy in the second round that year named Weber who's turned out to be a pretty decent player himself. To pick up two elite players in one draft is a coup IMO. To pick up 4 defensemen that have all played on this team in one draft year is a pretty amazing feat as well.

Poile's next big move is to re-sign Hornqvist to a decent contract for a few years. After that, his next job is finding a back up for Pekka next year and then after that, re-signing Weber and Suter to long term deals that will lock them up for their careers. I would rate the job Poile has done for us as a B+. He's made some bad moves but overall, he's done a very good job at making us a very competitive franchise year in and year out with a limited budget.

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