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02-27-2010, 05:38 AM
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Well I can offer my experience...

Skated since I was 3. Played from 6yearsold-20y.o... Joined Military. Got Job. Lost Job. Went back to college at 27, playing D2, and after a full season, I've feel I've finally got my legs back. Before the season, I quit smoking 2 months in advance, ran a mile or two 2-3 times a week, and continued lifting as I had been for the previous year.

I was in good shape, however, HOCKEY SHAPE IS NOT THE SAME AS BEING IN SHAPE!!! The skating motion is hard to replicate off the ice, and the best thing you can do is skate, skate, and skate. But if ice time isn't available all the time off ice has to do. Stamina was the biggest issue for me, as I only had about 1 good rush up or down the ice, but I've found one exercise that helps the most with my stamina... unfortunately I didn't start using it until the end of the season...

Squats. No weights. Just squats with hands on the hips. Go for reps not weight if you want stamina. Start out with 3 or so sets of 50 a day and work yourself up to as many as possible. Once you get up to about 150+ reps, add 50 pounds or so to a bar. And in my experience, if this makes any sense, I've found that there are two different kinds of squats, and one of them works better for me.

One type you keep your knees over top of your feet, and you stick your butt out as you squat down.

The other type, the one that I feel helped me, is keeping your feet, hips, and shoulders aligned, back straight, while your knees go forward. Keep your hands on your hips, and your back straight as a board, always perpendicular to the ground, and move as if you were dropping your knees to the ground to kneel. Once you get low enough, not too low to the ground, just keep going up and down, maybe 6-12 inches per rep.

Again, that's just my experience on how I got my legs back. And again, HOCKEY SHAPE IS NOT THE SAME AS IN SHAPE! The best thing to do is get on the ice anytime it's available, and skate suicides, stay low, and go until the burn in your legs is too intense to bear.

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