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Originally Posted by gravytrain6t View Post
I know it's popular in states like Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, up state New York (i.e. Rochester), etc... but it's such a great sport and I wish kids would get more involved from all over the country. That means building more hockey rinks or just ice skating rinks in general. Some equipment costs a lot of money but even if kids just started out playing in the street and practicing stickhandling and shooting and building good hand/eye coordination.

You buy a decent hockey net and you're good to go. It's mostly the goal tending equipment that costs alot but it's do-able. Roller Blading may not be the same as ice skating but through time, a kid should be able to adjust smoothly if he decides to play ice hockey because they will have such great balance.

I understand the popularity of Football, Baseball and Basketball. But I think, the more kids are exposed to the sport eventually it will grow. Besides, not every kid excels at other sports. I'm a prime example. I was not only good at hockey as a kid, but I loved to play. The problem was finding enough other kids not only to play, but be a bit competitive even though when it's all said and done, the basic goal is to have fun.

The NY Rangers did have a program called hockey in Harlem where guys like Adam Graves would introduce the game, supply the equipment and young african american kids who would never be exposed to the sport otherwise, went out and had some fun. I think and I wish their would be alot more of that.

I agree with it. I've seen players in America that plays really well.

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