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02-27-2010, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
But again--the less Lundqvist plays (even if only one or two games) the less chance the Rangers have to make the playoffs. I don't think Tortorella has any choice other than play Henrik every single game at least until the Rangers are either in or out. So in a sense to me it doesn't matter who the backup is at this point. One way or another I expect Johnson will get some more games in Hartford. Zaba's done a bit of back and forth too.
Are you so seriously near sighted that you cant figure out if Lund' plays all 20 games to GET INTO THE PLAYOFFS because playing a backup would guarantee a lose, than what happens when we GET INTO THE PLAYOFFS? Henrik will be gassed and you would have to play a backup. So, in your mind.. you dont care HOW we get to the playoffs or WHAT WE DO in the playoffs, as long as we are IN the playoffs? Is this right?

So you are somehow tied into Rangers Management? Because only a Managerial point would be made like you made yours. I know I DONT WANT MY TEAM TO BE EMBARRASED out there like that. I rather play Henrik about 15-16 games, let him REST some so if we DO make the playoffs, he has some steam to try and win the whole damned thing. And isnt that the point of the playoffs? To try and WIN the Stanley Cup? Not just MAKE it to the playoffs?

Stop with the bandaids of trying to just meek into the playoffs and get swept out. Lets step back, regroup, get some draft picks, get a solid backup for Henrik and THEN start full steam ahead towards the playoffs and make some noise in there.

I would foresee this year us being NON-Canadates to be in it. I want to skid and get the CORRECT mindset and the RIGHT players and THEn come out next year or the year after SWINGING for the fences i.e. Pitts, Chic,LA,Col,Wash,Van

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