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02-27-2010, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Lab Monkey View Post
its likely just a lack of strength coupled by the fact that you are lanky and thus not made to bench. little short guys make the best benchers as their bodies are built for it.

as long as you are not a teen you should be able to fill out your frame no problem by increasing your food intake. i used to be tiny for the longest time as a teen. i graduated high school at 120lbs because i couldnt put on any weight... im 5'11. i know all about being skinny as ****. ive since filled out to 175. just eat more, but keep it healthy. you will find you will be able to lift ALOT more as you put on some weight
So no worries then? I know that as I gain weight I need to keep it healthy weight (I.E. not all fat), but as I gain stuff like that should come easy to me, right?

I am a teen. 19 to be exact. What does that have to do with it though? I'm curious as to why you mentioned it as I am having the hardest ****ing time gaining weight. Used to be about sixty pounds underweight, then I gained about 18 very quickly with the help of weight gainer, and now I'm struggling to gain any weight period no matter what I do. I eat everything in sight, I drink weight gainer, but my metabolism is like a rabid hyena on raw meat. I just keep fluctuating down and up a few pounds.

I'm worried about that and some exercises not coming to me as easily as they should. I struggle with stuff like pushups and benching, but I wonder how much of that is just the fact that I'm very underweight and haven't filled out my frame at all.

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