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09-26-2003, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by thor dyck
great interview. It is always interesting putting a voice to someone who posts here. I am glad I listened because when I see your posts, I always assumed your name was pronounced Guy Flaming ( it would rhyme with "My Naming". Boy was I wrong.
yeah my name is mispronounced all the time. It's actually Jean-Guy but I dropped the first part out of frustration of being called "Jean (like blue jeans) Guy (not a gal but a...)".

So I just go by Guy (like Lafleur) which is how I always said it to people but then there are those who don't seem to know who Guy LaFleur is.

Flaming is tough sometimes. It is Flaming as in "The flaming embers in the camp fire...". Jason Gregor was pronouncing it as though it rymes with slamming but it doesn't. It rymes with taming.

And yes I have heard all the flaming this and flaming that jokes. I guess it's like the people who's last name is "Dick" or "Balls"... you get used to the jokes. It's dutch and it's not like I chose it or anything.

lol, Bob Stauffer thought it was my "stage name".

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