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02-27-2010, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
No. That is complete and utter wishful thinking. He cannot eat top-4 minutes reliably, period. He'll get there, but he needs to cut his teeth on soft minutes first. Let alone that Spacek is playing first-pairing minutes, not second pairing minutes. Pit Subban against Ovechkin and he'll get eaten alive.

Let's not throw our best prospect to the wolves and saddle him with ridiculously excessive expectations. The job of NHL D-man is hard.

Spacek is better than all of them, often vastly better. That's a list of bottom-pairing and AHL defensemen.

Dude, stop it with your absolutisms. Did you watch the games against Philly???? Subban can easily play top 4 minutes. I've seen quite my share of young players come-up and Subban is something else. You have no clue how Subban would react against Ovy, PERIOD. The fact that him and Gorges were on the ice for 40 minutes in the two games against Philly, 40 out of 120 minutes, and all 9 Philly goals were scored in the 80 minutes the pairing WEREN't on the ice is telling of his capacity to play solid defense. Not only that, he was dominating on the ice, making the right decisions more often than not.

Who the **** are you to say how he will react with absolute certainty, when he has shown the total opposite of what you think.

Some players dominate right off the bat, others don't. For once we have one, start appreciating instead of being an alarmist.

And top 4 minutes at his present age is not excessive expectations for a player of his caliber. Top pairing would be, but he was already up to the task at top 4 minutes.

Before those two games, I never would've expected this of him. But now that he has shown capable of doing it, I don't see why not continue in the same vein. You're out of your friggin mind if you think you know exactly how he will react against top players.

It's based on NOTHING. Except for just a lot of hot air. My assesment is based on the two games I've seen of him with the Habs, and the several games I've seen with him in Ham. And IMO, he could very well fill in a top 4 role in Montreal right now.

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