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02-27-2010, 08:17 PM
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Originally Posted by dredeye View Post
Buddy you seem to be enjoying trolling a leafs thrashers thread. What does this thread have to do with Antropov or Kaberle? How can Grabovski not find a spot on the Toronto roster exactly? He was our 2nd line center all season until he got hurt and will be exactly that when he get's back. Really, concern yourself with Bruins stuff and leave this to leafs/thrasher fans. If you actually take the time to read the thread a lot of Thrasher fans seem to have a good bit of interest in him. Just because you personally have a hate on for him doesn't mean your right. I'd have no problem with the leafs keeping him but I'd be willing to trade him for the trade that's been offered here
First of all, if you want to start a Grabovski appreciation thread and waive your pom poms for him, then do it on the Leafs board. When someone starts a trade thread with him in it in the general forum then anyone is entitled to comment on his ability without being called a troll. If I start raiding the Leafs board bagging on Grabovski, then by all means call me a troll, but that won't happen.

My opinion, which I'm fully entitled to in this thread, is that Grabovski is way overpaid for a 26 year old with a career high of 20 goals (once) that does next to nothing when he's not scoring. He doesn't win faceoffs, he doesn't kill penalties, and he doesn't play with even a hint of physicality. He's the 2nd line center on the Leafs largely because there's no one else to take the job. At almost $3 million/year for a guy that doesn't do any of those things that make great centers, well, sorry, but I want more offense before I start calling that contract anywhere near palatable.

As it pertains to this thread, Atlanta would be foolish to have Grabovski included in any trade that doesn't include an additional pick or allow them to dump a salary back to Toronto. How's that for that all right?

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