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01-27-2005, 10:22 PM
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There is very little chance that we will get Crosby or Brule. Despite Brule dropping in the rankings, I still think he will go second overall, maybe third. We are a team that continually misses the playoffs by a couple of spots. We never get the high picks. I think our last high pick was '97 when we took Jokinen. There is no reason to say that the next year we play will be any different. The fact of the matter is, we are better than we were at the start of the last season. We have upgraded goaltending, we added a decent second line center, and our young players are all much more ready. We didn't have Ziggy for most of last year, and we don't have him now.

What irks me is that we are always around the 8th playoff spot, or just out of the playoffs. The scouts and DT have done a highly commendable job for getting the prospects we do without ever having great drafting positions. I WISH we would either sign some players, fill out a possible cap, and challenge the Sharkies for the division, OR trade the vets and rebuild, looking for a couple of high picks over the next few years. Being stuck in the no-man's land of the NHL is painful as a fan of the team. We've been there for 7 years.

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