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02-28-2010, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Freaky Habs Fan View Post
So playing the forwards role and letting the front of the net empty is a good thing to do for a defenseman? On a few occasion, Subban left his position to help Gill who was along the board. It wasn't his job to do that. He needs to keep his position. If you would have said he's ready in the offensive zone, I wouldn't have said anything, but he's clearly not perfect in his own zone. IMO, he still has to learn a few things. Then again, it was only two games...maybe he would be able to make the correction with a few more games. We just don't know...but from what I've seen (which is the same two games as you), he's ready in the offensive zone, but not in his own zone.

But you are SURE he can do the job. You're no better than him. Keep that in mind.
I never said he was perfect either, but please do consider and compare his error rate to the rest of our defense, and he is easily in our top 4 as we don't have top 4 players on defense who are naturals and effective on the right side. I did notice he got out of position from time to time, but his adaptation seems exceptional. Every step he has taken since joining the CHL has been adaptation/improvement/stability. IMO he is ready defensively, as his error ratio was low. The mistakes you refered too were also less frequent when he played with Hammer or Gorges. Playing with Hal Gill in your first game ever is no small dice, even for an elite prospect.

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