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02-28-2010, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
not really a huge fan of Leopold
Not really a huge fan of anyone on this team. How can they be sellers when they have nothing to offer. And Booth is untouchable lol? Between Boumeester (who is probably loving the fact he's not playing for Fla. any more), Weiss, and Horton, the 3 have lead the Panthers to 0 playoff appearances.

Not that the Rangers have anything to boast about, but the last time the Panthers even won a playoff game was in 97'. They now realize this core group is not getting them anywhere so the only option they have is to start over.

This is a franchise desperate for more draft picks and/or prospects. All they need is an organization they can sucker into making a deal to get what they want. Who better than the Rangers? They have the track record. Sather would be the first moron I'd call up (he probably called the Panthers first).

And i don't believe Booth is untouchable. If the Panthers G.M. said that, it's a bluff. He has to make it seem like someone on his current roster is a "real special player," who no one will get. Yea right. Throw some first and second round draft choices his way, you'll see how untouchable Booth is.

Unless this team is willing to take at least one of Sather's finest multi year signings off the payroll (which of course is not what they're looking to do), or part ways with some of their high end draft picks (not looking to do that either), I see no reason to make any kind of a deal with the Panthers.

Let the Flyers trade some more 1st round draft picks for Weiss or Horton. Or maybe even Toronto (but for Kessel. At least that deal was good for both teams).

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