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09-26-2003, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Cup4Wings
Shame on the leafs! An embarrassment to Hockey.

The precious bottom line, eh? What would Leafs managment/ownership think if all the fans decided to watch our bottom lines and stop buying the inflated tickets and merchandise.
There's only one problem with your arguement......Most of the Leafs' seasons tickets are bought out by the huge corporations and Banks centered in and around the Metro Toronto area and NOT by REAL hockey fans......even if the real Leafs fans decided to boycott Leafs games the Leafs wouldn't have a thing to worry about.......Don't forget we had Harold Ballard not too long ago owning this hockey club for the longest time and during his tenure the Leafs if they weren't NHL basement dwellers they were close to it many of those years and Maple Leaf Gardens was still sold out EVERY single night............

The other thing to remember as well here is there's alot of Hockey fans in Toronto and these hockey fans are not necessarily Toronto Maple Leafs fans and go down to Leafs games to cheer on the visiting team(s).

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