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02-28-2010, 03:51 PM
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Ok so here's a question, the pain I'm experiencing is on the outside curve of my feet behind the small toe. Not quite midway back on the foot. That's the only spot. My skates just got baked yesterday, they're brand new CCM U+ Pro Reloaded skates. Today was my first skate on them and I laced them up tightly. However, I did get pain after a time where I had none when I had them baked. So do you think I just tightened them too far? Another question, I am going to get them rebaked again but do you think I should stick the Superfeet in the skates after I get them baked and let them cool around my foot sitting on that footbed? I didn't bring my superfeet with me when I was at the shop yesterday so I molded them with the standard footbed which is just a very thin foam piece.

Would it be a skate that is not fully broken in and I need more time on and a rebake, tightening them too far, or a combination of both? I don't have pain in my arch, heel, or any other part of my feet. It's also more pronounced on my right foot vs my left but I could equally feel it.

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