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09-26-2003, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Yammer

In the event that Roman Abramavitch buys an NHL team and stocks it with Russian NHLers --

- how feasible is it to populate a team entirely with Russians? Assume that payroll is unlimited but that normal trading rules apply.

- how would that team be accepted by its fans?

- how successful or not would that team be?
I think that he would be great for hockey......If I was a Canucks fan I would be thrilled if he bought the Canucks because he's not afraid to spend the big bucks on hockey players like he's already done with Chelsea of the English Premier Soccer League........HOWEVER; I'm not too sure about the idea of an "All-Russia" team for the NHL...I mean as it stands now he's in a much better position now to build a team SWEDEN with the roster of players that he already has now in Vancouver..........

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