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09-26-2003, 11:41 AM
Master Lok
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I was listening to 630 ched last night and the sports radio dude (i can't remember which one) asked a caller a very good question: What has Comrie said to burn his bridges here in Edmonton? So what if he hasn't gushed over how much he loves Edmonton. So what if might be a little upset over receiving Lowe's criticism, most 23 year olds are. Heck, posters on this very forum gets pissed off if someone criticises them. I don't recall Comrie saying anything dissing the Oilers or Edmonton.

And its not a case where MC is reneging on his contract, he's just doesn't agree with the offer from KLowe. He's not the first Oiler to do it. Billy Guerin did it, Doug Weight did it, heck Kevin Lowe did it. I think a lot of people (i.e. Robin Brownlee and other media) are just reading into things just because we are a hockey-mad town and can't keep our imaginations down and mouths shut. I hope MC DOES sign and stays here just to prove Brownlee wrong. I thought today's article was very inappropriate and premature.

If he's going to be driven out of town by us, the fans, at least wait until he disses Edmonton or plays like crap on the ice first.

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