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09-26-2003, 11:53 AM
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Soon to be Oilers???

not to beat this comrie thing worse than it has been the last few weeks, but without suggesting your own trade pruposals, even though im sure this thread will degenerate into that, but from the names that keep coming up who do you guys think is the best fit to come back to e-town? i also added a UFA that I'd like to see in town.

names that have came up are...
-detroit (datsyuk, dandenault, fischer, draper)
-nashville (legwand)
-boston (boynton)
-atlanta (stefan, exelby)
-UFA (Ronning)

Datsyuk- a soon to be elite center, his name has come up alot, maybe just wishful thinking on our part, but i will break it down anyways. if he was to come here, we would probably have to anti-up alot more than mike comrie; likely a Rita and a pick.

dandenault- here's an intriguing name, dandenault is a solid defenseman who is actually a foreward (another staios). barried in the depth chart behind some of the leagues elite (lidstrom, chelios, hatcher, schneider) dandenault has the capabilities of being a top 4 guy, and has the speed and puck movement that would add another element for simmer's new look pp.

fischer- another d-man barried in the depth chart, fischer has the potential to be a top 4 guy perhaps more so than dandenault, but his wonky knee might be a deterant in any trade talks. he utilizes his size a bit as well being 6'5.

draper- draper is someone who i think the oilers can use. his pk skills are among the leagues best, he can play ALL 3 forward positions and he knows what it takes to win. one thing the oilers have lacked the last 6 yrs is a guy who knows what it takes to win. all of the oil vets have went from youthful prospects to vets (smith, smyth, moreau) as oilers and don't know how or what it takes to get over the hump. getting draper would bring some rings into the dressing room and some success stories that might make our guys a little hungrier. if edmonton was a destination for draper, i think that moreau would have to be shipped out.

Legwand- this kid has alot of potential, but has not fully developed yet. he would be a solid guy to get in return as he has the size and skills to be a #1 centre. if the oil wanted this to work, chances are there would have to be guys added on both sides.

boynton- a top 2 defenseman that has has flattened out his learning curve at the tender age of 24. would sure things up on the blueline, with the uncertainty of cory cross (looked pretty bad in camp), the virgin skates of bergeron and luoma, although both have impressed early. he can be used in all situations and emerged as the #1 d-man in beentown last year. this might be a guy who we can get strait across.

Stefan- more untapped potential, exactly what Kevin Lowe looks for when making a trade, the potential to be a #1 C/LW, but forced to play a more modest role behind Heatley and Kovalchuk. his defensive skills are improving but he still needs alot of work, but who else would like to see him centre an all czech line with dvorak and hemsky???

Exelby- the poster boy for stay at home defenseman, this kid would look good in oil silks because he loves to take the body, and is pretty responsible in his own end, but might need to tame his temperment a tad. only 22, his best years are ahead of him.

Ronning- this guy will be a good replacement if comrie was dealt for a defenceman, a one yr deal could be worked without to much financial stess on the budget, he has no size and a fair amount of speed, even at his age, might be more of a character guy, but can still be good for 30/40 points. another vet that will bring intangeables to the club.

So that is a little rundown of guys we might see in Oiler silks sooner rather than later. any preferences?

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