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Originally Posted by RememberRoger View Post
this isn't really a 'gear' item, but oh christ, i've got an entire ball hockey LEAGUE you'd laugh at, or scorn at the very least:

-out of shape 40-somethings screaming obscenities at each other at the slightest perceived injustice

-team colluding to bring in ex-NCAA Div. 1/ex-ECHL player (and this ringer is an elitist ********* who plays the entire game; sandbags the refs prior to each puck drop to catch his breath).
essentially, a minor pro hockey player who couldn't cut it, taking his frustrations out on some local hacks... b.s.

-following season, same team colluding to bring in an ex-division 1 varsity practice goalie (other ringer's teammate from college)-- claimed he was a 'defenceman' then debuted with 2 consecutive shutouts.

fwiw, this sham cheater team wins the league championship EVERY year.

-commissioner who fellates any Canadians who sign up, yet treats existing U.S.-born players like crap.

-guys who wear 99 and 66 (guy who wears 66 is at least skilled; 99? not so much)

-team-obligated ref duties, 90% of whom have no idea how to interpret the rulebook; have zero idea what they're calling; too afraid to whistle the various big mouths for 10-min misconducts because they don't want to get yelled at.

again, this is all a local rec ball hockey league.

it used to be waaaaaaay better about 10 yrs ago before it began taking itself so seriously, before they alienated a large chunk of the league's charter members, when it was about chugging beers, next-goal wagering and spinning fatties.
My ballhockey league is more or less the same. (PTM in Laval) I love playing there though, except for the occasional as***** who crosschecks you in the back or slashes you on the ankle when the ref isnt watching.

Some refs can't control a hockey game there and they let fights start because they can't call cheap shots that happened right in front of them...

But they mostly so a good job...

Anyway, just my 2 cents

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