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Originally Posted by Conando View Post
just general speculation on things I've heard & some words out of Freeman's mouth
It would help if you actually spend a moment reviewing your "speculation" and thinking as to whether they could possibly be true, before posting stuff like "we're done after this year right?" Just what we need... I thought you were making just a tongue in cheek jab at people whom do that sort of thing, mostly fans of other teams.

Anyway, back toward the topic...

The sports authority is a joke. I have that on good sources and rumors.

Sounds like a reasonable move by Freeman. I can't see how it will have any impact. The sports authority is so dumb they'll keep trying to get publicity for all sorts of complaints. But at least he won't be referred to as the chairman when they do it.

I like what I've seen out of the management group. I think they have a good chance to make this team very successful, long term, in Nashville.

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