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Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
Thanks for the recommendation.

Harrow just put their blades and shafts on sale for 50% off on their site with the code HKYRINK

$70 for the shaft and blade is hard to beat.
Harrow should send me a free stick for mentioning them and leading to a sale lol.

50% off, I did not know about that and I just spent $500 on heating oil which sucks now that I read this. I'll have to scrape something together.

You are welcome in any case ... some guys I play with have wanted to try one out but are too lazy to buy online and would rather buy it in person. They see me shoot with them as I have a heavy slapshot that gets compliments and they ask about the stick I am using usually never having heard of Harrow.

I then explain the basics about their not being the lightest stick but they opted for puck feel and durability and use AVS vibration thingies in them.

I think people are being trained for "Light, light, light ... it's gotta be the lightest stick or it sucks" mentality. I think it depends on what type of player you are.

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
They've had 50% off sales on and off the last few months...I wonder how long they'll keep it up? Maybe trying to get some product out to market?

I know I've used and loved their blades. $40 is good, but with shipping it's only a few bucks more for the Dolomite. But if the HD's don't hold up, I'd rather get a couple of the Harrow blades.

$100 for the shaft is as much as the One95 tapered but $20-40 cheaper than the Dolomite, SE16, and Vapor shafts. I know everyone says they have the best puck feel, I'm waiting on mine to see what the performance is like. They're supposed to be a bit heavy but durable.

Anyways, price-wise they're certainly competitive, although I would really like to see them in the stores. I've only seen Harrow blades twice in shops, both times on clearance. If they could get some presence in the shops, they could probably pick up the sales.

If you go by the website info offered for each piece of the two piece and add up the weight it comes to 515g total. I know they are perfectly balanced and feel awesome.

They do not mention the weight for their OP stickies.

The One95 shafts are not tapered though and I like the tapered now after using them. earlier on this board i mentioned that I prefer a standard hosel until stores get stock in that would let me have a selection every time for the exact blade I want and would not get a tapered until then.

Now I can order online or go to my friend's local shop who deals in Harrow and they always have what I use.

Gone are the days of having to settle for whatever the local shops have in stock.

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