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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
1) That might be the worst logic I have ever heard on these boards.

2) You're literally the only person who thinks that. That should tell you something.
I was literally the only person who said this same thing in September.

So yeah **** him and his injuries "happen" excuse. Do not want him to be re-signed.

If you really think about it, Flyers trying to make it sound like it’s no one fault. 1st it was well, Homer was playing Emery while he was hurt (I remember that blow out against Washington and a few games before that). Then there was well Emery was not really honest about his injury he just wanted to play through it. Then it was LTIR and everything is going to be ok. Now he tear his labrum while in competition out on the ice.. Please.. save it for someone who hasn’t seen this **** before. I am not really surprised that opus is the one who is defending him. I mean Opus is a big fan.

He came here and most people were like wtf? Why did Homer get this clown? Then he had a few good games and received “love” from our fans and now it’s not his fault BS. Learn to read between the lines. No cup yet again.
Originally Posted by Kambo View Post
I'm getting used to you freaking out about every little thing on here now, but you cannot seriously believe that ******** you wrote up there. I'm sure the guy totally approached the situation with a "**** it" attitude, knowing very well this was probably his last shot at proving himself. He was completely fine until he got hurt, and if you want to blame the injury on one ****ing picture from over the summer, you might just want to stop following sports because all athletes are going to party during their time off. And quite honestly, if anyone needs to make excuses for themselves, start pointing your finger at the pathetic medical staff they have. Injuries happen in sports. Get the **** over it.
Little thing? Well if you call the most important position in hockey a little thing..
I am freaking out because this injury is our season, if you know what I mean. What do I mean?
I am freaking out because I think our genius GM will make some crazy trade in order to fix his **** up.

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