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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Even in the bigger picture, it seems like he is just an average prospect. Certainly not going to lead anyone to a Cup this year but it seems like he is just pedestrian. Again this is just from looking at his stats, but his stats don't scream "franchise goalie."
Ah, I'm not sure I'd call his numbers "pedestrian." Putting up a .928 in 40 professional games is impressive. His numbers are down a bit this year, but I don't know enough about what is going on up there to really judge that (he could have had nagging injuries, who knows).

However, he's a legit goalie prospect...which we don't really have anywhere near the NHL level.

I'm always highly skeptical of college goalies. NCAA stats can be very skewed. I'd say his AHL stats are more of an indicator, and they certainly aren't bad. But they just don't really impress as a future #1 at this point. Again I've never seen him play so you may be right.
Stats for everyone are skewed up if you're looking at them below the professional level. Hell, stats in the AHL are skewed up.

Ryan Miller, MSU.
Jimmy Howard, Maine.
Turco, Michigan.
Thomas, Vermont.
Quick, UMASS.

Reality is that if you're looking at US goalies, there's a good chance they went to college...not sure that's something to hold against 'em.

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