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03-01-2010, 03:35 PM
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Originally Posted by slovakfan View Post
It's the nature of the game, sorry. Not all of Gaboriks goals were "tic tac toe" passes from Demitra.


Maybe if I would yenkee I would also consider me as expert on NHL players or even partisan...
But I am just fanatic slovak fan of our hockey and I think I know more about slovak players than fanatic NHL fan.
Just because you're a rabid Slovak fan doesn't mean you've seen more of Gaborik or Demitra at the NHL level than I have. Just like I don't claim to know more about all American born players than you do just because I'm an American.

I'm sure you know more about Slovakian players in international play, but I watched every Slovakia game in the Olympics this year and Gaborik and Demitra barely played together. If they had such incredible chemistry, why weren't they together the entire time?

Why wild allowed Demitra to go? Why they didn't do anything to sign him? What does it even mean? Sign him for more than gabby or what?
But never mind.
Maybe they did everything they could. But demitra didn't want to stay.
Maybe he knew that Gabby would not stay in wild for so long because of defensive lemair's system.
Maybe you would consider these possibilities if you are fanatic slovak fan or you meet some people
You can't answer my questions with more questions. They're very straight forward.

So Demitra wanted to abandon his "best friend" that he has "incredible chemistry" with and then Gaborik didn't go and join him in Vancouver when he became a free agent?

Maybe I'd consider those possibilities if I was clinging to an argument that has no supporting evidence, but I'm not the one doing that.

Agree to disagree.

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