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03-01-2010, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
It's the nature of the game, sorry. Not all of Gaboriks goals were "tic tac toe" passes from Demitra.
logical isn't it? because gaborik don't need anyone to score? He just need players like demitra to score "tic tac toe" style goals...

Just because you're a rabid Slovak fan doesn't mean you've seen more of Gaborik or Demitra at the NHL level than I have. Just like I don't claim to know more about all American born players than you do just because I'm an American.
Yeah. I didn't saw each their game but I have always read opinions of Wild fan after each match and watch replays of their evry game. Even they were not succesful.
I'm sure you know more about Slovakian players in international play, but I watched every Slovakia game in the Olympics this year and Gaborik and Demitra barely played together. If they had such incredible chemistry, why weren't they together the entire time?
I also know that Gaborik need more Mn. Hossa than Demitra to score more "tic tac toe" goals.

But unfortunatelly Gaborik + Hossa will never happen in NHL...

Yeah and why they barely played together on these olympics?
Because coach strategy was to separate ultimate power. So he supposed they will be harder to deffend by opponent team. But was a mistake.

Coach wanted to replace Bondra with Gaborik on line with Palffy and Stumpel.
Bondra Palffy and Stumpel made our biggest succes so far - world champions in 2002... Yeah 2002.. But it didn't happen. 37 yo Palffy was a bust on olympics because he don't play in good league. And Stumpel was there.. Because he is in top 10 in KHL but it means nothing.. Until you score against Russia in SO.
In 2002, Palffy's best friend Stumpel, was there to take advatage from Palffy's geniality (which wasn't present in Vancouver) and from Bondra's sniper talent.

If you consider this^ and place on the same line on PP1 unit as a 'barely play with Demitra' than I don't have arguments... And I will also don't need them because I am considering "Why they didn't play together on same line on olympics" as closed...

You can't answer my questions with more questions. They're very straight forward.

So Demitra wanted to abandon his "best friend" that he has "incredible chemistry" with and then Gaborik didn't go and join him in Vancouver when he became a free agent?
1. Cap space
2. Didn't want to betrait team where he was franchise with signing their biggest rival
3. He Loves NY

Maybe I'd consider those possibilities if I was clinging to an argument that has no supporting evidence, but I'm not the one doing that.

Agree to disagree.
If you would read and watch as many interviews in slovak media as anyone in slovakia you would have som supporting evidence..

You can question it anyhow you want I know I am right
It is just matter of time when you realize that Demitra is best sign you can made this summer (<= $4mil/year.)

~38th second.

and many others on

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