Thread: Olympics: The Offside Goal
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03-01-2010, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by dystemper View Post
i don't even know why this is a thread.

the refs and linesmen did an absolutely fantastic job. they called the most flagrant penalties and let both teams play a hard-hitting, north american style game. all of them were a non-factor in the best possible way. and only a ****** could think otherwise.

mccreary showed why he is the best in the business and why both teams wanted him to be a referee.

i've seen threads whining about "canadian referees" -- what these keyboard warriors don't know is that both teams are given a heads up on who is officiating the game and can file a dispute in case they disagree with a decision and nominate their own choices.
This. I thought the reffs did an amazing job of not influencing the game.
They called the obvious stuff and let the little things slide.

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