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03-01-2010, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by MapleLeafs38 View Post
No need to get mad, just prepare your team for 2014 and make us shut up.
This is what I hate the most. Canada fans have the egos running out of control because they beat the USA in a single game. Well, team USA beat Canada 5 - 3 before that. Who cares? Basically, Canada fans are gloating that they went 1 - 1 with the USA and won by one goal on a given night during the Olympics. It doesn't make them a better team. It means they won on that night. This is why the Olympics and most international tournaments are based on a lot of luck. One game elimination doesn't mean much. If Canada faced Russia another 10 times do you think you would get the same result game in and game out? Probably not, in fact I'd be willing to bet Russia would win a handful of them. Sure, I'll give Canada their props for winning one heck of an EPIC hockey game. They deserve the credit. But that is all they deserve. They were not good enough to be gloating like this.

I can play a stats game too... Team USA outscored Canada 7 - 6 in the two games they faced one another? Does that make the USA a better team? No, it just means they scored more goals in two games than them.

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