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03-01-2010, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Blades of Glory View Post
Gary Bettman, whether we like him or not, does bring up some valid points when he claims that the NHL will need to decide whether going to the Olympics is beneficial to the league.

There is no doubt that the NHL benefits from having the games played in North America, where the media devours Olympic ice hockey (yes, even the American media), there is a very irrelevant time difference, and fans have the opportunity to actually witness the games live.

The truth is, for many Americans with jobs, especially 9-5 jobs, the Sochi Olympics are going to be similar to the Torino Olympics; "GO USA! I'll catch the highlights online." Bettman knows this, and he also knows the sport grows most when Americans are watching it. I can honestly tell you that I watched far more of Team Canada than I did of Team USA (live) during these Olympics because the US was playing at noon, and that is simply not going to cut it for many of us. Now, imagine what the hell is going to happen in Sochi, which is what amounts to close to a 9-12 hour difference away from North America? I'm guessing Russia will have the same "prime-time" slot Canada got this year, and American/Canadian games are going to be played at random times of the morning, or very late at night. Is it worth shutting down the league for two weeks for games that are going to be very difficult for the average viewer to watch?

The NHL will go to Sochi. But those of you mindlessly spewing crap over Bettman for "debating" the validity of shutting down an entire league for two weeks, especially for games that are going to be played at a very inaccessible time in North America, need to gain some perspective.

God Bless Canada is spot on.
In the '06 Fifa World Cup in Germany, I woke up at 4 in the morning to watch the games, and I don't even follow football.

I think people who wants to watch the hockey games will watch it regardless. As for those who just tune in only if it's primetime, well those people won't stick around to follow the NHL anyway.

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