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Originally Posted by Anubis79 View Post
OP, it could be a couple things. I too get some pain on that part of the foot, and it's down to just having skates that are a bit snug. One of something is always bigger on a person. I got my skates so they were comfortable on my smaller foot. I can crank down on my left one no problems, but if I tighten up the right one too much I get that pinching pain. I had it with stock footbeds and superfeet. Most of the difference in the superfeet is at the heel so I don't think it should alter the volume at the toes drastically enough to create pressure points. I'd use the superfeet if you get them baked again and give them a couple uses to see how things are. You could also alter how much and where you tighten your skates, leaving some room at the toes and then tighten normally 4 eyes in or so.
This seemed to be it on my new skates. I had been using Superfeet on my inline skates but first time on ice hockey skates and they were new skates. What happened was when I crank the laces down on the 3rd 4th and 5th and 6th eyelet from the toe, I got the pain come back after a time. So what I did was snug them up but didn't pull them tight (can move them with my fingers) then I did the next 5 tight to pull my heel in and it was night and day. I asked the guys at the LHS and they mentioned that with some new skates, especially if someone steps up to more of a pro boot, that the boot is very stiff and doesn't give the same as people might be used to. It's obviously not a shoe but even some lower end skates aren't as stiff and they can put pressure on an area that normally would not have much. So they said that some players have to loosen them up. I went back to get a rebake on my U+ Pro Reloaded skates. I managed to move the pressure points out of my ankle area too. I couldn't do much about the sides where it seemed to pinch down, but the way I laced them seemed to have an impact.

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