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Originally Posted by adam graves View Post
yea... canada 2 golds in 50 years

usa 2 golds in 50 years.

congrats on catching up.
The point of this thread which was and still is when the World played best on best...and let me clarify because it seems you are having a hard time understanding...until the last while professional players were not allowed to play in the Olympics....hence players like Gretzky and Lemieux never played in their primes.

To counteract this there were a series of Canada Cups and World Cups held where we could see the World's best play against each other.

During these tournament - including the last few Olympics - when pros were allowed to play Canada has won 7 - count em can't deny em 7 out of a total of 11.

All other countries combined 4. That's 7-1 Canada over the US and Canada had won like 5 World Jrs in a row until this your 2 in 50 stat is only significant because Canada was sending semi pro players to the Olympics....kinda like when the US were sending college kids to the Olympics for basketball...

Hope this clarifies it for you. Feel free to argue the point but please be accurate.

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