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03-01-2010, 08:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Harold Snepsts View Post
Yes, I know.

Like I've said, growing up in Detroit, I spent a lot of time in Canada. I love Canada. In the Olympics, winter especially, if there were no American contenders I would often root for Canada to win.

But this forum really tested that sometimes. Congrats to Canada and all, truly.

But with the relentless need for some people here to continue to find new ways to feel superior to other countries, you'd think Canada just needs a hug and someone to tell them they're good enough.
Honestly I see it to the contrary. Canadian's don't have moments like these often.

We aren't the best at baseball, football, basketball, soccer...we could go on.

What we have is hockey. We take pride in it and work hard.

That in combination with all the turmoil across the world with the recession, terrorism, earthquakes, etc. Finally there is something to celebrate be happy about.

The post is not meant to belittle anyone, rather say wooo! this is great, lets celebrate. Yet we have posters from other countries coming in with cynicism spoiling the party, so to say.

Why not let Canadians celebrate - its been barely 24 hours - or do Americans and others feel the need to come in and say you aren't that good you haven't won blah blah in 50 years.

Seriously when Americans won gold in basketball and the zillion other things they won I didn't feel the need to poke around and take them down a notch.

The guys worked hard, they deserved to win, and the country deserves a celebration. Boo to anyone that tries to rain on it.

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