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Originally Posted by DogFoodEnforcer View Post
Im about to order a harrow stick (or should i say a one piece and a two piece and blade). im just deciding which blade pattern to go for.

i like a closed blade, so which harrow blade patterns are closed?

im looking at #4 and #5. Im not too sure about #4. im pretty sure #5 is closed though.

i like a mid curve (nothing too crazy), but im looking at the toe curve recchi. should i go for it (if its closed)? or stick with what im used to (#5 (iginla-ish)

I have a number 5 and do not like it because it has a 5 LIE which I can't use. I bought it on clearance for cheaps and use it for a backup.

You are correct it is an Iginla closed curve and a mid curve. I am going to get a number 4 since it is a 5.5 LIE and a little bit open on the toe.

If you need a photo let me know, I can post one or two.

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