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03-01-2010, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Libertine View Post
The argument is simple. I do not want the players from my team risking injury during an outside competition during the stretch drive to the playoffs. Could you imagine the uproar if Ovechkin had a season ending injury at the Olympics? Olympic hockey is great, no doubt, but my the Flyers winning the Cup has way more meaning to me than the Olympics do. I'd be enraged if an outside competition killed their chances.

Frankly I also think it's ridiculous the league shuts down its doors in the middle of the season for an outside competition. This is supposed to be the best league in the world. It shouldn't be taking a backseat to any other competition.

They are not my country. They are hockey players wearing my country's colors.

My team is also way more than to me than just "my town." I follow my team 365 days a year for every year of my life. I invest in them both emotionally and financially. I watch all 82 games + the playoffs. I spend countless of hours discussing them on the internet. They and their success means a whole lot more to me than a random collection of players I don't care about other than the handful of games they play once every 4 years. I don't know how anyone who actively follows an NHL team puts Olympic gold above the Cup when the average fans invest way more into their NHL team.
You need to invest in some patriotism homey. It's us vs them vs any other bad guys. Do you think that by you paying for a ticket/hot dog/beer you're paying a players' salary?


Why would MLSE blow money trying to ice a good team when they're already making insane money? The fans will buy the tickets, the jerseys, pay for parking, etc regardless. It doesn't matter if they finish 1st or 30th. They made money. It's a business. No offense to the Leaf fans...

In the Olympics, they play for their country. No huge endorsements, no multi-million dollar contracts, that doesn't matter. The honor of playing for your homeland is why they do it.

BTW I've been a Pens fan since 1987, and that silver medal our guys worked their ***** off for means more to me then any of our Stanley Cups.

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