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09-26-2003, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by thome_26
When was a player happy to be traded to EDM? Last year at the deadline.
Both Dvorak and Cross were very excited.

You are pointing out that the Oilers have financial troubles like that is an insult to their franchise....... The Oilers are the role franchise in the NHL (or so says Bettman - who, although some jerk will pop up and say Bettman is a loser or is stupid, knows alot about the game). There haven't been whispers about the Oilers being moved for a long time. The franchise is as secure as it's been since the 80's. All your financial points are pointless, as there is nothign the team can do about the situation the canadian dollar has been in. We still have some of the best tickett prices as well in the league. I'm sorry to say that you just lost $20 when you bet on the Flames over the Oilers. Your talk about the Oilers not signing their UFA's shows you how much stronger the organization is then the leafs. We can remain competative without needing to sign some UFA like the Leafs.
I said your OWN UFA's

You know the guys who actually want to stay in Edmonton.

And LOL @ Cross he was run out of Toronto

And as far as the Canadian dollar goes...well Toronto is in Canada too and I don't hear the Leafs whining about the dollar.

You know I like the Oilers, but to insult the Leafs like some of you do is just annoying. No need to be jealous of our partial success now. I know alot of Leaf fans who rooted for the Oilers in the mid 80's the Flames in the late 80's and hell dare I say rooted for the Sens last year. Leafs fans for the most part will cheer for a Canadian team no matter what. It might be nice occasionally to see other Canadian fans do the same. But as usual I won't hold my breath

And by the way the role model team would be the Senators not the Oilers FYI

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