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03-01-2010, 11:46 PM
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Originally Posted by El Duderino View Post
I say yes for obvious reasons. I would be interested in hearing someone with the opposite's view explain his argument.
i'm all for it... most fans are.. its the NHL owners that don't like it
  • players can get injured (hasek in 06)
  • fatigue dilutes product (large reason as to why EDM and CAR made the final in 06) (favourites like Detroit were eliminated while having many players in the olympics)
  • Compressed schedule is hard to deal with
  • olympics usually cause NHL season to end in mid-june\
  • high olympic ratings don't usually mean high nhl ratings

so yeah.. although it is better for the fans and the majority of the population, unfortunately its the check writers who are making the decision

fortunately i believe that this is just a negotiation tactic.. as the NHL probably believes the players will give something up for it in the next CBA

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