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03-02-2010, 12:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Canuck21t View Post
When I see players from Russia, from Sweden, etc. on my NHL team, I wonder why are they playing in my town? The answer: MONEY. Wow, I feel so connected to them... NOT. When I see Johnathan Toews who plays far away in Chicago, I say, wow, he's a product of our country. I see Sidney Crosby and I think that Canada can still produce amazing skills. I feel proud when I watch them play. THAT is why Olympic hockey is so important to me. The NHL is a gimmick and I feel no connection to the Czech player who will go back to his country right after the season is over. When I see the "random" players as you say unite once very four years, I care a whole lot more because there's one thing we have in common: our home and native land.

i'm thinking the 22 players on my toronto team (2 players from GTA and 0 players from Toronto) is much more random than the players on team canada (at least the players actually represent the name)

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