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03-02-2010, 01:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Professor Chaos View Post
You need to invest in some patriotism homey. It's us vs them vs any other bad guys. Do you think that by you paying for a ticket/hot dog/beer you're paying a players' salary?


Why would MLSE blow money trying to ice a good team when they're already making insane money? The fans will buy the tickets, the jerseys, pay for parking, etc regardless. It doesn't matter if they finish 1st or 30th. They made money. It's a business. No offense to the Leaf fans...

In the Olympics, they play for their country. No huge endorsements, no multi-million dollar contracts, that doesn't matter. The honor of playing for your homeland is why they do it.

BTW I've been a Pens fan since 1987, and that silver medal our guys worked their ***** off for means more to me then any of our Stanley Cups.

Oh right, MLSE pays a fortune for a first rate GM and a first rate coach. They spend all kinds of money on scouting. They spend to the cap. But they don't want to win, because they made some money? You do realize they would make even if more money if the team does well.

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