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03-02-2010, 03:56 AM
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Originally Posted by swissexpert View Post
you can add streit to that list if he`ll stay healthy and at least weber, berger, simek, wick to the "could be" list.

in the case of krueger you know I can`t share your opinion and I`m very sure someone other would have done it better, but now it`s over and I`m glad that the swiss hockey is improving and is bringing out some great individual players (NO, that`s definitely not kruegers achievement!)

btw if you all really didn`t understand me: yes, at olympics with NHL break, the 8th seed is a really good one and I`m glad we were able to upset some of the big nations.
but in world cups like every year, slovakia had their best players in NHL like all nations, team canada looked like the spengler cup one and petteri nummelin was finlands leader, the swiss should have made more than this 8th place every year and I can`t stand people said "the success gave him right" because he simply didn`t.
Now I hope Simpson takes the best players from our league and moves into the WC semi-final.
that would egalize kruegers best classification for international tournaments by the way
As jonas2244 pointed out, Canada WC team is always full of NHLers and way superior to their Spengler cup team. And what's wrong with "a Finland team led by Petteri Nummelin"? That guy is probably the best player we've seen on Swiss ice during the last decade, head and shoulder above any Swiss skater, and that includes Streit. See my above post about team depth.

And don't delude yourself into thinking that Simpson will take the 20 best players, because just like Krueger he understands the concept of team. Role players will be there. Maybe not Paterlini, whose time would have come even if Krueger had stayed, but you can bet Sannitz will be back, and others will be too.

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